Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week 9

This week was both kid's "Fall Break" from their co-op classes.

We decided (well, okay - I decided and then explained to them) - that we would take off some half days here and there, but it works better for us if we just spread out the work a little more so we weren't so overwhelmed!

We started our week with church on Sunday. I am so proud of Kaelee and her enthusiasm for her pre-k class. On Sunday mornings, she is a teacher's aide in the pre-k. She has a heart for the young children and just loves each one of them!

One of our favorite family traditions is to celebrate half-birthday. On your half birthday, you get to choose what home made dinner we have, what activity we do, and what dessert we eat! Lyndie was 1 1/2 on Sunday - we celebrated with her favorite dinner of pancakes, maple sausage links, and peaches (and almond milk!). We played and had peanut butter cookies for dessert.

Monday we woke with 2 of the 4 of us not feeling well - so we cancelled Mom's tutoring and spent the day in our pjs recovering, resting, and relaxing.

Xman has learned to play Solitaire recently and it's one of his favorite activities.

Tuesday we had a full day out. We began our day at the orthodonist.

Then, we ran a few errands and finished with some grocery shopping.

We took most of Tuesday off from school - when we came home, both big kids worked on their math while Lyndie napped. And then, we ran to the library in the afternoon.

Lyndie is BUSY now. She loves to wash her hands - which is good because she also loves to write on herself with pens and markers!

This week was Sweet Daddy's last week teaching at the middle school. We went by his classroom mid week to say good bye to everyone!

Kaelee was SUPER excited to be invited to see One Direction this week perform at Phillip's Arena. 

This big kids both went to church for homeschool lunch hang out time on Friday. Lyndie and I spent our time playing, taking selfies, and she got to take a nap!

We ended our week with a trip to Skyzone.

Lyndie watched the big kids jump for a little while and then started yelling "Lyndie TOO" - so we got her some special socks and a sticker and off she went! 

 It's beginning to feel like fall so we are spending more and more time outdoors.


 Lyndie insists on waiting for Daddy to come home every day in the driveway so she can drive the truck into the driveway!