Saturday, August 30, 2014

Let's Go Angels!

We are all enjoying fall baseball!

Lyndie insisted on wearing a tutu to go cheer on her big "Bubbe" this week. She spent all afternoon screaming "BASEBALL" - she was ready to go!

Xman pitched a great game. He pitched all 4 innings. We won 10 to 4!

Week 4

We just finished week 4 - wow how time flies!

We have settled nicely into a weekly routine:

Mondays - Mondays are "Math Love Mondays" - the big kids work on school work in the morning, while I supervise and ready our home for a day full of teenage guests. In the afternoon, Xman takes Lyndie to Nana's for a fun "nap and Nana day". Kaelee stays home with me to finish up her school work. She then goes to Drama in the afternoon/evening.

Tuesday - Tuesday is Kaelee's co-op day. We run her to co-op by 8:00. The two younger ones and I have been making our weekly grocery run on Tuesday morning. We can hit Walmart and be home by 9:30 easily. Xman works on his school work while Lyndie plays. Tuesdays Xander and I have a special lunch at home - and watch something on the Food Network!

Wednesday - Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. It's our full pajama day. We buckle down on Wednesdays. It's "day one" of Kaelee's school week, so we begin her new units. For Xander, it's his "day four" - and we ready all of his assignments to be turned in the next day. We typically take a longer mid day lunch break, while Lyndie naps. On Wednesday nights, the big kids go to church.

Thursday - Thursday is Xander's co-op day. We run him to co-op by 9:40. It's a girls day at home! Kaelee and I spend extra time on geography and Latin on Thursdays. We have a special lunch on Thursdays  and watch something on HGTV together.

Fridays - On Fridays, we leisurely work through our school day and try to plan  a fun activity for Friday afternoons!

Lyndie busy at play! 

 Kaelee reviewing the provinces, territories, and major features of Canada.

 Xman studying the skeletal system in Science.

 Kaelee moved on to the USA this week - we got out our big floor puzzle for her to practice locating where each state goes as well as their capitals.

 Lyndie in her fine motor skills center!

 The weather was cooler in the mornings this week so we spent a lot of time reading outside!

 Lyndie insists on writing too whenever the big kids are doing school work.

 Always time for a good book in our school day!

We decided that on Friday mornings, we would all work on geography together. We practiced our map skills by drawing a map of the United States. We've been working on using a grid method. I print a copy of the map we are going to work on. We divide it into 8 squares. We then use grid paper, dividing it into 8 squares, and practice drawing each square of the map individually. I find this helps the kids with spacing and orientating what goes where! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 3 - Fun Friday

Our goal is to end each week with a "fun Friday" activity.

This week in Science, Xander studied cells and all the vocabulary associated with cells. We made flashcards, drew a cell model, answered questions about the function of each part of the cell, completed a crossword puzzle to review the cell terms, and also completed a cell "wheel" that identified the job of each part of the cell.

At the end of the week, he used his notes to make an edible cell! 

Xander made her a Mickey Mouse cookie to decorate since she enjoyed watching Mickey some this week.

Kaelee has been studying fungi all week. She made her own fungus, a mushroom, and told us all about the good and bad things about fungi! Since mold is one of the many things she is allergic to, she really got into investigating where you find mold, what causes it, and how she can avoid it.

The big kids both enjoyed a game of Creationary, followed by watching The Sorcerer's Apprentice and eating their creations! 

Week Three

We are trucking along - just finished up with our week 3!

One of our challenges is that Lyndie wants to do whatever the big kids are doing - especially computer! This week she sat in for several math lessons. We turn the mouse "off" and let her move it around while the kids listen to the lesson.

I couldn't resist snapping a shot of Lyndie napping this week - she sleeps between 25 minutes and 40 minutes a day - that's it. We usually use her nap as a lunch break - we all need a breather by the time we get her down! We enjoy taking a lunch break and watching either a Food network show or an HGTV show.

Kaelee has been hard at work on mapping Canada this week. The goal is for her to be able to draw a map of Canada, and label all the capitals, provinces, and major features by hand. This week we made a poster board size  map of Canada, and then laminated it with contact paper. She worked on practicing identifying the major features. She also worked on drawing the map from memory. We watched the Epcot "Oh Canada" show on youtube for fun as well as listening to the National anthem from Canada while we mapped.

Lyndie had fun playdate this week with her cousin Sawyer. A playdate is not complete without a tutu and a tea party!

This week was Xander's first baseball game. We all had a great time going to see him play!

He played first base, and then pitched for two innings.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Not Back To School Party

Every year in August we attend a "Not Back to School" party with a homeschool group. This year we were not able to attend, so we created our own party at home! 

It wouldn't be a summer time event without popsicles!

Slip in Slide Fun!