Saturday, August 9, 2014

Week One

Our first day of school was Monday, August 4, 2014.

This week we.............

Kaelee is using The Lost Tools of Writing this year for writing. This week she watched the first two lessons on DVD and took notes in preparation for class next week.

In the first two lessons, we learned how you will analyze each book you read. 

We are using Teaching Textbooks for you both for math, which require the computer. We had to develop a computer schedule to get the math in, the DVDs for writing, study websites (we use quizlet for vocabulary and latin), and making sure Mom got her work done as well! 

Since your classes have not began yet, we used some of our school time this week to get caught up on your birthday thank you cards! 

The first book you will read for literature is Raiders From the Sea by  Lois Walfrid Johnson. This week you read the Introduction and Chapter 1 before class, and then Chapter 2 on Friday. 

When I came through the bedroom, you said "Mom - I mean, this book is getting really good!" 

As we eased back into our school routine, Lyndie needed a little extra attention so everyone took turns loving on her! 

One could say that Lyndie's first week of school was very educational as well. She learned to climb onto every piece of furniture in the house, remove her own diaper, and *almost* figured out how to get out of her crib.

Lyndie was VERY busy all week!

It wouldn't be the first week of school without a trip to the library! New books and movies for everyone! 

This week Xander had his first day of Scholar's Guild co-op classes! 

This week, Kaelee read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (again) for her class next week.

We celebrated ending our first week with muffin tin lunches, cokes with peanuts, fresh popcorn and the movie! 

First Week Favorites:

Kaelee - Since the public school has not gone back yet, our church had summer youth ministry options this week. Your favorite was the FISH 4 Kids outing. You went with our youth minister to a local community, handed out lunches to the children, and prayed with them.

Xander - Your favorite this week was lunch at Scholar's Guild. You made a new friend and were able to have lunch with him. You loved getting to order your lunch and this week you had CFA chicken sandwich, chips and a soft drink. 

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