Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week 4

We just finished week 4 - wow how time flies!

We have settled nicely into a weekly routine:

Mondays - Mondays are "Math Love Mondays" - the big kids work on school work in the morning, while I supervise and ready our home for a day full of teenage guests. In the afternoon, Xman takes Lyndie to Nana's for a fun "nap and Nana day". Kaelee stays home with me to finish up her school work. She then goes to Drama in the afternoon/evening.

Tuesday - Tuesday is Kaelee's co-op day. We run her to co-op by 8:00. The two younger ones and I have been making our weekly grocery run on Tuesday morning. We can hit Walmart and be home by 9:30 easily. Xman works on his school work while Lyndie plays. Tuesdays Xander and I have a special lunch at home - and watch something on the Food Network!

Wednesday - Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. It's our full pajama day. We buckle down on Wednesdays. It's "day one" of Kaelee's school week, so we begin her new units. For Xander, it's his "day four" - and we ready all of his assignments to be turned in the next day. We typically take a longer mid day lunch break, while Lyndie naps. On Wednesday nights, the big kids go to church.

Thursday - Thursday is Xander's co-op day. We run him to co-op by 9:40. It's a girls day at home! Kaelee and I spend extra time on geography and Latin on Thursdays. We have a special lunch on Thursdays  and watch something on HGTV together.

Fridays - On Fridays, we leisurely work through our school day and try to plan  a fun activity for Friday afternoons!

Lyndie busy at play! 

 Kaelee reviewing the provinces, territories, and major features of Canada.

 Xman studying the skeletal system in Science.

 Kaelee moved on to the USA this week - we got out our big floor puzzle for her to practice locating where each state goes as well as their capitals.

 Lyndie in her fine motor skills center!

 The weather was cooler in the mornings this week so we spent a lot of time reading outside!

 Lyndie insists on writing too whenever the big kids are doing school work.

 Always time for a good book in our school day!

We decided that on Friday mornings, we would all work on geography together. We practiced our map skills by drawing a map of the United States. We've been working on using a grid method. I print a copy of the map we are going to work on. We divide it into 8 squares. We then use grid paper, dividing it into 8 squares, and practice drawing each square of the map individually. I find this helps the kids with spacing and orientating what goes where! 

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  1. Good week! Kaelee is her Nana's granddaughter & your daughter with that knee bent up while she is writing! LOL