Saturday, September 6, 2014

Week 5

 We started out our week taking a half day off for Labor Day. With both Kaelee and Xander having classes outside the house this year, we have a weekly schedule that we have to stick with or else we get too far behind! Both kids worked on some larger projects so there wouldn't as much left for the remainder of the week, and then we enjoyed the rest of the day as a family.

Pool party Labor Day weekend

Tuesday we made our weekly library stop. Kaelee had a book club meeting and we took snacks and made an afternoon of it! 

Xman checked out some new joke books to keep us on our toes!

We enjoyed a nice snack at the picnic table right outside the library.

Lyndie is very much into exploring new places - she was fascinated with the wooden structure behind the picnic table.

Thursday it RAINED. That awesome summer afternoon kind of rain. So, what else was there to do? 


Mid week Kaelee went on a field trip with some friends to the Michael C. Carlos Museum. They enjoyed the museum tour, a scavenger hunt and then an afternoon of picnicking and swimming and fellowship. 

Keeping Lyndie entertained during school hours has become a full time job. We divided her toys into baskets and rooms and try to rotate her through them each day - taking turns who plays animals, reads books, colors, etc.

Friday mornings we do geography all together through map drawing. Everyone (including me!) practices their map drawing skills. This week Kaelee is working on being able to sketch the entire United States, each state/capital and all major landforms/features. Xander and I are still working on the 7 continents and oceans!

Lyndie's new phrase is "me too." This week she got her own pencil box and spiral notebook. When we do school, "me too" does too!

For our fun Friday activity this week we played Multiplication Monsters of the Deep. It is sort of like go fish - in that you ask other players for the missing cards you need, and draw from the pile if they say "go fish." I like that it presents the "missing information" in different ways.

Such as:

9 X ____ = 45

or ___ X 4 = 12

In the first example, I would ask "do you have an orange 5 (the blanks are color coded in the game)?

Or, do you have a green 3 in the second example.

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