Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 7

A glimpse at Week 7:

 Friday we work on geography - all together after breakfast. Both Kaelee and Xander are working on drawing and labeling a world map. We started with a blackline master and they label the continents and the oceans.

Kaelee and Xander are also both working on labeling a USA blackline map and knowing all the state capitals.

In addition to the family geography, Kaelee is working on Central America this week - labeling the countries, capitals and major landforms/features.

Lyndie insists on doing school when we do - so she worked on her letters this week.

Another family goal that we are working on is our multiplication facts - and the speed. During the week both kids practice with flashcards. On Fridays, they take timed tests. I may be using their competitive natures to my advantage in this area!

This week in Science, Kaelee studied mollusks. We pulled out a picture of our Saint Simons trip from a few years ago. At the touch tank, she was able to explore different mollusks.

 This week we had several "technology free" days. The kids did a great job of entertaining themselves without screens. I see this definitely being a part of our week from now on.

 A week wouldn't be complete without a trip to the library! We are regulars.

 We made a stop to register Xander for basketball this week and decided to enjoy the beautiful weather at the park.

Lyndie was paticularly excited about the ducks! She kept chasing them yelling "QUACK!"

On Tuesdays, when we pick Kaelee up from co-op classes, we often get out of the car and enjoy the playground. Lyndie yells "SWING" the minute she sees the church.

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