Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 8

A glimpse at week 8:

We spent a lot of time OUTSIDE this week! Lyndie is getting harder and harder to .....corral during our school days. We've found if we move the classroom outside that she will play and we can get school work done!

 Picking up Sissy from co-op class - checking out the slide!

Xander finished reading Adam of the Road this week. His job for literature class was the "Summarizer." He had a graphic organizer where he wrote the key ideas from the chapters for this week.

What would you and your favorite character talk about if you were to meet?

                My favorite character is Adam. Adam is my favorite character because he has been really nice throughout the book, he loves and cares for his family, and he is loyal to his dog.  I think we would talk about music. I have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument. Adam is a minstrel so he plays his harp and sings for everyone.  I think we would have a good conversation. Maybe I would ask him if I could join him and Roger on their adventures.   If Adam and I were to meet, we would not only have a good conversation, but also an exciting journey! 

 On Tuesdays, while Kaelee is at co-op, these two are best buddies!

 Lyndie got her first cold of the season this week. Friday, we ran her to the chiropractor for an adjustment. She likes to fill out paperwork!

 Latin is Kaelee's favorite subject. She makes a flashcard for every vocabulary word they study. She keeps them alphabetized in her flashcard box. She spreads them out when she reviews and randomly chooses cards to quiz herself on. We also use quizlet online as a study aid.

 Friday morning geography!

Weekly library trip

 Kaelee's girl scout meeting was cancelled this week due to illness and we used the time to do some shopping!


 We finished the weekend celebrating Lyndie's half birthday!

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